History Of The Web

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Tim Berners-Lee - Inventor of the World Wide Web - Web 1.0

Web 1.0

The Formation of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee a scientist from CERN outlines his vision for what became the World Wide Web

March 1989
October 1999

First documentation released

Tim Berners-Lee publishes the first versions of HTTP, URI, HTML, CSS and the very first web browser.

The First Web Page

The first web page/website goes live using the first HTML tags. This is still available to view on the WWW.

August 1991
April 1994

Netscape comes online

WebCrawler Launches

The first text search engine to crawl the websites.

April 1994
July 1994

Amazon Launches

Jeff Bezos launches Amazon from his garage after renaming from Cadabra Inc.

45 Million Internet Users

August 1995

Microsoft Internet Explorer Launched

eBay Launched

Originally known as AuctionWeb

September 1995
May 1997

First Social Media Platform

Known as SixDegrees.com

Google is launched

September 1998