Email Marketing

Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Starts With Design.

Email Design.

Make your first impression count with a well crafted email design for your email marketing

Email design, is often the most overlooked asset within your owned media library. Emails are often the first experience your customers have of you and to ensure that they are given confidence to respond to your email you need to ensure it it both visually appealing and is well written.

People no longer want to see text based emails they want to see pictures of products and services and using an HTML design achieves that.

Email Design Services.

As a Growth Marketing Agency we have been designing email templates for over 25 years. Admittedly in the early days they were completely texted based but now we are not limited and now create amazing looking templates and also provide the placeholder copy directed to your target audience.

Elements of design include:

  • Graphic creation
  • Adherence to your brand guidelines
  • Compelling copy to ensure a high click through rate
  • Written in easy to read English, or even other languages
  • Tracking functions to for email marketing campaigns
  • On brand according to your voice brand guidelines

If you struggle with well crafted emails for your email marketing campaigns then contact us for a walkthrough of how we can help.

Visual Email Design.

When your customers open your email you want them to immediately recognise your brand and who it is from. People register images first then if it is appealing then continue to read the text.

We have a repository of email templates that you might like to view to provide some inspiration, please contact us for a link.

To ensure a visually appealing email design we consider:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Optional Logo Design
  • Clean sharp imagery
  • Lifestyle images
  • Modern contemporary look and feel.

Email Copywriting.

Available for External and Internal Comms Email, Newsletters
Effective copywriting that converts after opening
Audits of current email copywriting process
Pre eShot testing for suitability.

“Curiosity Fuels Conversation”

We have hundreds of email design templates for email marketing.

Contact us for a link to all our email design templates, if you need your email marketing branded with your company guidelines then we can create a custom templates that enhance your branding throughout your email marketing strategy and you can reuse time and time again.