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Website Design Pricing.

Choose your level of work required.

Small Business
Web Design

Getting Started
$ 1K-10K 50% Up Front 50% On Completion
  • WordPress Website
  • 1-10 Pages
  • Membership Website
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimization
  • Straightforward Ecommerce
  • Self Managed
  • WordPress Training

Medium Business
Web Design

$ 15K-50K 3 Stage Payments
  • WordPress Website
  • Unlimited Pages Pages
  • Full Membership Website
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimization
  • Straightforward Ecommerce
  • Self Managed
  • WordPress Training

Web Design

$ 50K-100K Multiple Stage Payments
  • WordPress Website
  • Whatever you need
  • WordPress Training

Breaking down
Website Setup Costs.

Its often tricky to get an idea of how much your dream website is going to cost. This is often because clients do not know the complexities of what is involved. We break down the costs for you.

Website Size

The core of website design is the size of your website. A larger website with more pages and functions will incur higher costs. In simple terms the more pages you have the more expensive it becomes as it takes longer to develop, build and launch your website.

How much will it cost me as a rough guideline?

In most cases, the cost scales off the number of pages:

  • 1 to 10 pages costs between $1000 to $2000
  • 10 to 50 pages costs between $2000 to $3000
  • 50 to 150 pages costs between $3000 to $6500
  • 150 to 250 pages costs between $6500 to $10,000

Anymore than 250 pages will need further investigation.


Another factor that affects your web design costs is copywriting.

Whilst you may know exactly how your business is to run and how you wish it portrayed on your website, it is crucial to have an experienced copywriter draw up the pages for you.

The structure of the website and its usability for the user is crucial to enable you to get results from your website and achieve an ROI from it.

You will need the copywriter to optimise the pages to help Google and other serach engines to understand what your website is about to enable it to decide where on the Search Engine Result Pages your website will appear when a user types in a search string into Google.

How does copywriting impact your web design pricing, though?

While the cost of copywriting varies, you can expect to pay around $300 per webpage. If you’re an ecommerce store, product pages generally cost around $60 per page — ecommerce product pages have a lower price due to their shorter word count.

We discount and quote a fixed price when above a certain number of pages that need copywriting.

Website Design and Style

The style of websites varies a lot, which is why your preferred site style impacts your web design pricing.

For example, if you’re a luxury company, you’re probably looking to create a high-end website that conveys not only your brand but also your product or service quality. In most cases, that tends to cost more due to the amount of design and labor required.

No matter what sort of style you’re looking for, from simple to high-end, it’s critical that your agency creates a website that captures your brand, as well as provides an intuitive and seamless experience for shoppers.

How much does web design cost when it comes to style, though?

It depends on the agency.

For example, our prices for a specific web design style range from $2000 to $15,000 — we also allow you to select zero styling for an attractive, yet simple design. While WebFX encourages you to customize your pricing, other agencies include the cost of styling your site in their base prices.

In some cases, that can result in higher web design costs.

That’s why it’s worthwhile for your team to request quotes from several different agencies. By taking this proactive step, you can partner with the best agency for your company without exceeding your budget.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency for your web design, they probably offer SEO services, which you can bundle with web design. Some, like WebFX, include not only SEO but also a placement guarantee.

What is a placement guarantee?

It guarantees that your website will rank on the first page of search results for a designated keyword. For example, if your site appeared on the first page of search results for the keyword, “wool slippers,” that would meet your placement guarantee.

In most cases, agencies offer a placement guarantee for a select number of keywords. They also limit the placement guarantee to keywords with a certain amount of search results. For instance, the placement guarantee may only apply to keywords that generate one million search results.

That doesn’t mean these keywords aren’t as valuable — they are and can make a tremendous difference in your company’s weekly sales and leads. Plus, they’re easier to rank for in search results. That can help your web design budget do more for your business in both the short- and long-term.

What does SEO placement guarantee cost, though?

Bundling web design with SEO placement guarantee can increase your web design costs by $2000 to $10,000. The price for this service generally scales off the number of keywords targeted. For example, it costs more to optimize and rank for 150 keywords than for 30 keywords.

If you want to make the most of your web design investment, then it’s a smart choice to add SEO placement guarantee services. Rank on the first page of search results, and you can increase your conversions and revenue.

Why? You rank for keywords relevant to your target audience and business. Plus, 75 percent of users stick to the first page of search results. They don’t bother clicking on page two, three, or four, which means your business needs to appear on page one to succeed.

Responsive Design and Mobile Friendly

With more than 50 percent of the world’s Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s essential that your website features a mobile-friendly or responsive design. If not, your company risks losing valuable customers and credibility.

Why? A mobile-friendly site improves the opinion of more than 60 percent of users. It also makes almost 70 percent of users more likely to become your customer. Those are users you don’t want to lose to a competitor — so invest in a mobile-friendly design.

How much does a mobile-friendly design cost, though?

If you want to create a mobile-friendly website that’s separate from your desktop version, it can cost between $5000 to $25,000. There is a cost-effective alternative to this option, however — responsive design.

With responsive or dynamic design, you’re developing one website. It adapts to every device, which makes viewing your site on phones, tablets, and desktops seamless. As a result, responsive design costs $3000, on average.

Website Maintenence
Ongoing Costs.

Without maintenance and updating your website will simply become invisible on the internet. It is important to factor in ongoing costs.

You will have purchased your domain name when initially setting up your website. We use for all our client domain names, however you may use whichever domain hosting company you wish.

You will need to renew this each year and can cost between $5 and $20 per year depending on the domain name extension used.

The SSL Certificate is a must have component of your website . This also has an annual cost associated with it.

Without an SSL Certificate your website is considered an unsafe website by most if not all Search Engines, so this is not a cost that should be skipped. While you can use a free SSL certificate, it’s often better for businesses to invest in a paid SSL certificate.

A paid SSL certificate can cost as little as $10 or as much as $1500 per year.

This is where you keep your website and the infrastructure that keeps you website working and functional. It is a server that hosts your website and needs maintaining. This is not something you should attempt yourself.

Server Type

All our websites are hosted with WP Engine. They service and maintain servers specifically for WordPress and ensure your website is fast and secure.

That’s why website hosting comes with a broad price range of $24 to $10,000 per year.

The cost per year is normally determined by the number of visitors you have per year.

If your company operates an ecommerce business, ecommerce functionality is a non-negotiable website maintenance cost. Your business needs to provide a secure and functional payment gateway if it wants to continue to grow its sales and revenue.

Plan to pay around $180 to $300 per year to maintain your payment system.

As your business grows, your ecommerce functionality costs will likely increase. That’s why your team needs to monitor the performance of your ecommerce system, as well as react fast when it’s in need of an upgrade — otherwise, you risk lost sales.

Don’t get hacked. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not get hacked. Hackers are continually striving to hack websites and you should ensure that this is covered in an annual fee.

Costs for securing your website from hackers will cost between $300- $1000 per year.

What is website maintenance?

When it comes to website maintenance, it encompasses a variety of tasks. A few examples include completing updates on your CMS, managing customer support tickets, and resolving any website-related issues. With website maintenance, you keep your website functional and your visitors happy.

Why does website maintenance matter?

For companies today, website maintenance is essential. It keeps your website functional and usable, which ensures visitors can find what they need on your site, from your phone number to your product to your location.

This service also alleviates the needs for businesses to have a full-time developer on-staff. While feasible for established enterprises, it’s a significant strain on a small business. For a mid-size company, it can also seem like an ineffective use of resources.

How much does website maintenance cost?

When it comes to how much a website costs, website maintenance is one of the lower expenses. This website cost, however, can have a massive impact on the functionality and performance of your site, especially when it comes to sales and leads.

On average, your team should expect to pay $200 to $1250 per year for website maintenance. In some cases, your costs may exceed this amount. For example, if your website requires emergency support during after-work hours, you may see higher fees.

If your business invested in a CMS, you may have costs associated with it. While many platforms like WordPress and Joomla are free, others like HubSpot require a monthly or annual subscription. These CMS applications also tend to come with additional features, like an SSL certificate.

Companies can spend up to $40,000 per year on a CMS. In most cases, larger businesses, like enterprises, require a paid CMS to manage their website and content, as well as additional marketing efforts.

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