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Find your target audience and send them to you.


Digital marketing or online marketing is the promotion of your business or brand to identify, engage and capture your potential audience on the internet using digital communication methods.


How to get your
Digital Marketing Sarasota Strategy Started.

Your Audience.

What demographic does your audience fit into and how they use your products or services.
Create an Audience Audit to discover where your potential customers are.


Ensure you have your visual and spoken branding created and ready to go. You are looking for consistency in graphics with visual messaging across the web, for trust and brand recognition. Create an Asset Hub with all your media.

Marketing Campaign.

Now you know your audience and have brand assets, you can now create a marketing campaign based on the services and products your business provides and who to market them to.

How To Get Organized.

Often Digital Marketing companies do not explain the basics and lead to overcomplications causing the newcomer to Digital Marketing to become confused and frustrated.

Let’s keep it simple and organized.

Owned Media- Digital Marketing Sarasota

Owned Media.

Owned media is the home to your content. It is the media that you create and have complete control over. Owned Media includes digital assets such as websites, email, white papers, powerpoint deck, newsletters, mobile apps and of course your branding. These are the things you will use in your marketing campaigns.

Paid Media - Digital Marketing

Paid Media.

Paid Media is it suggests. Digital channels includes banner ads, Pay Per Click (like Google Ads), Advertorials, Sponsorships, Sponsored Links, and PayPer Post Blogging. These forms of paid advertising often can provide immediate results however can also be expensive.

Earned Media - Digital Marketing Sarasota

Earned Media.

Earned Media is any content shared or user-generated about your brand/services/products on social media, including word-of-mouth marketing content. An incredibly powerful medium when used correctly. Types of Earned Media include Social Media Posts, Tweets, Reviews, Videos, Photos and forum responses.

Digital Marketing Sarasota

Services to grow your business.

Content Marketing

We create content that gives the user experience the best it can be, ensuring your visitors are qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Both On site and Off site Search Engine Optimization is key if you want to compete with other companies.

Social Media Marketing

Engage your target audience from around the web.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Paid Media should be an integral part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

There's nothing better than paying commission to those that promote your products and services.

Influencer Marketing

With years of experience we know how to write up your pages that will attract both your visitors and the search engines.

Email Marketing

Often thought of as of date, this method still delivers great ROI.

Mobile Marketing

With the majority of users on the web using mobile devices this is a must.

Converged Media

Organize your marketing strategies and assets.

Digital Marketing Sarasota

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it worth hiring a Digital Marketer?

If you know nothing about digital marketing (and don’t want to) and you want to increase sales and traffic to your business, then it is critical to hire a digital marketing professional.

What do most businesses do?

77.4% of businesses are now investing in website optimization and 69% in digital media.

What hourly rate should I expect to pay?

A common question with a vague answer. Hourly rates range from $80 – $250 per hour. Some marketers are fast and some are slow. It is best to ask for a fixed fee for each project.

What are the 3 types of digital marketing?

Here are actually 12 types of Digital Marketing:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Paid Advertising (Paid Media)
  5. Instant Message Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Influence Marketing
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Video Marketing
  10. Audio Marketing
  11. Virtual Reality Marketing
  12. Email Marketing
Digital Marketing Jobs in Sarasota

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing job in Sarasota please contact us.

Even if you have worked for Click Depot 🙂

Why promote using a Sarasota Digital Marketing Agency?

What better than marketing and getting found on Google for those people searching for services in Sarasota.

Simply there were 5 Billion internet users globally in April 2022 alone! Your target audience is in there somewhere. 


You just need to find them and Digital Marketing is the method of doing that.

2022 Small Business Awards
Sarasota Chamber Of Commerce.

The 2022 Frank G. Berlin, Sr. Small Business Awards celebrates companies (small, medium, and large – respectively) who have exceeded targets for growth and financial performance; best demonstrated an understanding of their competitors, customers, and the markets they operate in; and have the foundations in place for continued success.

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