Digital Customer Journey

Where are the fish?

The Digital Customer Journey.

Digital Customer Journey Audit and Mapping

The world of the customer has changed. The world of the customer is now digital and businesses are slow to pick up on this. To create effective marketing campaigns in today’s digital world needs a recognition of the new Digital Customer Journey.


First steps to a successful online marketing campaign

Companies quite often jump into marketing campaigns without a clear definition of the customer touch points. This results in low ROI and generally low sales leads. After all the objective of a marketing campaign is either to enhance brand awareness or increase in sales. Mapping the Customer Journey will determine where those customer touch points are and what those customers are demanding in order to make their informed online decisions when they are about to buy. This enables the business to align their marketing message for their customers which now becomes customer-centric and in addition provides a point on the map to target the marketing campaign. If a Customer Journey Map is not established you can see that the campaign will go nowhere.


Mapping the Digital Customer Journey

This does sound daunting, however at its basic level it is straight forward:

  • Identify the current interactions of the customer with the company
  • Identify the actions taken by the customer at each stage of interaction
  • Establish what the customer wanted at each stage
  • Establish their sentiment at each stage

Intercepting the customer

To successfully engage with the customer you need to provide the answers they are looking for. If your current marketing collateral and policies do not align with the customer requests then there will be no engagement. Once the Customer Journey Map has been created, it is a simple question to ask yourself. Do our offerings provide the answer to the customers question? 9 times out of 10 this likely to be be a resounding no. Re-aligning your Owned Media to the customer requirements key to intercepting the customer on their digital Journey.


Testing the water with your ducks inline

Once you have your Customer Journey established and your owned media aligned to the customer requirements, to change the whole company strategy overnight is folly. Yes you will need a champion to lead the process but it doesnt need to be an all out attack. The champion of this process will need to build their own confidence before they take it further up the line. Trying out a pilot campaign will provide more insight and prove the model, whilst displaying the forward thinking of the champion. If you want to be a champion of digital transformation and the way your business interacts with your customers then now is the perfect time to start, because digital isn’t going away anytime soon.